Friday, March 02, 2007

The Agony Column reviews the Axe.

The Axe isn't published in the States yet, but it seems one literary blogger couldn't wait to review it.

The review, in a blog for some reason called The Agony Column, is themed around the idea of books you're made to read (at school) and books you want to read. A couple of extracts:

Morris has all the grace notes right for a fine historical mystery...'s an auspicious debut, with enough details and period observations to keep you immersed in the alien worlds of history and enough plot to keep you reading. At 305 pages, this is a nicely sized book and perhaps the start of a very good series. At this point in your life, chances are you're out of English class, and there no novels that you have to read. 'The Gentle Axe', my friends, is no 'Crime and Punishment', to be sure (nor does it pretend to be), but neither is it 'Silas Marner'. It is in fact a novel you might very well want to read.

Read the whole thing here.

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David Isaak said...

We do things fast stateside, buckaroo.

My friend Leslie Schwartz wrote a novel entitled "Angels Crest". There were a half-dozen used copies of it on sale on Amazon before the book was published. (I assume some weasels were selling their Advance Review Copies.)

So don't be surprised if your next book gets reviewed before you write it. We're efficient.