Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Travelling with Dr Who.

Last night I spent some time briefly in the company of a Time Lord. Dr Who was in my tube carriage, in the form of Sylvester McCoy. He played the seventh incarnation of the Doctor, I believe.

He's aged a bit, obviously. Haven't we all? But I was fairly sure it was him as soon as I saw him. But when he started speaking to his companion, I was convinced. The voice was unmistakable. It penetrated the whole carriage. A real actor's voice. It had to be him, especially as he was talking about his agent, and the theatre, and film roles, and directors, etc.. He held a black homburg-style hat in his hand, so that was also fairly clinching.

Presumably his Tardis was in for a service.


James said...

I've not bumped into a onetime Dr, but I did once sit opposite Terence Stamp on a #12 London bus, who I think would have made a very notable Dr Who.

I never know what to say to someone as interesting to me as Terence Stamp - gushing doesn't coome naturally, and I feel a softer approach wouldn't gain much traction before he dismissed my approach somehow.

Some friends tell me I think too much.

(PS - where's the plug? I was wondering if you're developing a new plugging strategy, now that you have two novels in print, and multiple version thereof... perhaps cycling through them, or plugging all at once, but in a footnote?)

roger said...

You're right James - about the lack of plug, that is. I think it was the excitement of seeing old Sylv. I suppose, also, I'm beginning to wonder if people aren't getting a little, you know, fed up with all the constant peddling and plugging and promoting. I know I am! Then again,
a man's got to do what a man's got to do

Hmm, yes, Terence Stamp as Dr Who. That would have been interesting.

James said...

Well, fair enough - I suppose longtime readers of your plog may be getting a bit tired of the relentless commercialism... or they may just enjoy your ingenuity (as I have). But what about the new readers? They would be missing out on the plogging experience!