Sunday, November 12, 2006

1,197 and counting.

The last time I looked, the trailer for Taking Comfort on aol uncut had received an amazing 1,197 views. That's far more than on any of the other video hosting sites I've put it. Two people have ranked it. But no one's left a comment. Anyone fancy being the first?

Sad news.

Sparky, one of the two goldfish Luke got for his birthday last Monday, has died. Goldie seems to be thriving.


Anonymous said...

You've made the trailer (nice work, BTW) and received plenty of hits.

At this point, how do you feel about its effectiveness in terms of selling books and promoting buzz? Would you recommend that other writers with forthcoming fiction take the time to make a trailer?

roger said...

Hi anonymous, thanks for looking in. In terms of selling books, I have no idea how effective it is. I receive the sales advice three months after the actual selling period. But I suspect that it will be negligible. I think it helps create a bit of buzz. It's something I can put up here and on myspace and direct people to. Plus, the great thing about the internet, is that it will just keep getting more hits and finding new viewers who may become potential readers.

It was something I felt I could do easily enough. I talked it over with my publisher. His view was that it depends on the book. He felt that Taking Comfort was a suitable book. To answer your question, I dunno, but I don't think it does any harm.