Monday, October 23, 2006

We have a winner.


Okay, she got it right, though her deductive reasoning wasn't exactly watertight. As I said in my comment, we did have mixed staircases and landings. And every now and then things got mingled up anyway.

So what a stupid pointless lie. Except for the fact that the person next door to me was Allison Pearson's (note the two 'l's now, cfr!) boyfriend at the time.

A very old copy of Metropolitan, as edited by Fiction Bitch, will be heading cfr's way, as soon as I can find it.

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crimeficreader said...

As I haven't been a winner for a long while, I really appreciate this! (Plus the fact it was immense fun...)
When you confirmed Cambridge I was convinced I was wrong. But it was a lie based on an element of truth - the best type to try and get away with.

So you're an ex-potholing; ex-ice skating; guitar playing; coffee drinking; formerly Timmy Mallett looking; "Talk Wendy" appreciating; well spoken author, then Roger! An interesting alternative biography for a cover...

Finally: “And every now and then things got mingled up anyway” – that’s a new one on me, but an excellent description I will put in the “phrase bank” for future use.

Thanks in advance for the prize. I'm looking forward to it. Like your novel it will remind me of the time I spent in London.

All the best!