Friday, October 27, 2006

Five minute interview.


Thanks Kathryn.


kathryn said...

You do a good 5-minute interview. ;-)

Elizabeth Baines said...

So it's a manual (Taking comfort)? I got it wrong then. I've just reviewed it on The Tart of Fiction.

Anonymous said...

Just plugged for you on Diamond Geezer's list of Tube fiction ... do I get a commission?

Roger Morris said...

Oh wow - what a day! Interview on Kathryn Koromolas's blog, review on Tart of Fiction, and a tube-related plug courtesy of the disgruntled one!

I seriously doubt it gets any better than this!

Thanks to you all.

Roger Morris said...

Sorry Kathryn - Koromilas not molas - I just got into a bit of an 'o' thing.