Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Thank you, crimeficreader.

For taking time to blog about my friend Ed and his music. Ed composed the choral piece Why Weepest Thou In Wild Array that I used in my trailer.

I also discover from visiting 'It's a crime...' that cfr is reading Taking Comfort and set to review. Yikes!

Anybody speak Spanish?

I followed a url from the sitemeter and found this. Someone from Mexico looked in, briefly. They were looking for 'Roger Comfort'. Maybe some relative of Alex Comfort? I was once told I had a comedy name. I suppose it might be true, as I am imagining another sex manual written by this relative of Alex Comfort, whose middle name might be Norman, or something. So you could have 'Enjoy Sex In Bed' by Roger N. Comfort.

Sorry, don't know what came over me.


birdandbuffalo said...

How terribly lewd of you, dude.

Well, we'd buy the book for starters.


roger said...

Thanks bird and buffalo! I appreciate your support, even thought it's for a book that doesn't exist yet, by an entirely fictional author. How did you two ever get together by the way?

birdandbuffalo said...

Dear sweet Zoe brought us together and let no-one tear us asunder. btw Jonny Geller's an OK kinda bloke. Great track record. We had high hopes of him being our (secret) agent, but that was before he went public - meow!!