Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More embedding.

Now I know how to do it, there's no stopping me.

This is just a re-edit of the old video of me talking about the book, mixed in with some of the footage from the trailer. I also let Ed's wonderful music track play out.

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crimeficreader said...

I like it Roger. Good to hear you introducing the novel. Still too many flames and music sequences for me, even if I love the music! But the book should be more prevalent!
And thanks for letting me know about the music!

roger said...

Thanks cfr. I kind of rushed the edit on that and gave up. So it's far from perfect. But I'm not supposed to be wasting my time putting together little video clip things, I'm supposed to be writing another book, so it'll have to do!


rashbre said...

Good trailer. I like "the artist speaks" mixed with the trailer. Works well. Having just been Fringing, I begin to get the idea of how much plugging/marketing needed to get oneself noticed!

Good luck as it continues!


roger said...

Hi Rashbre. Thanks for your comments. What were you doing at the Fringe???? I went to see my goddaughter in a play - The Positive Hour by April de Angeles. Had a great time. The play was great too.