Tuesday, July 18, 2006

'No sex' versus 'sex'?

Try this. It's mad, but fun. You position a cursor along a number of scales of things you may or may not look for in a book, for example 'no sex' versus 'sex' or 'easy' versus 'demanding', then press go and up pops a book recommendation.

Sorry Debi, more displacement activity. Just what you needed.

I've been manipulating it like crazy but haven't yet managed to get it to recommend Taking Comfort.


crimeficreader said...

Hello, Roger. I travelled here via Debi Alper's blog. I just tried that site and found it only took four category preferences before it blinked the "go" bit at me and forced me to receive a recommendation. That came up with some poetry which is not my ilk at all.

So I tried again, picking four categories non sequentially that time. It still called a hault on the four I'd answered.

Does the same happen to you?

crimeficreader said...

An excellent post title, by the way. That'll get you more visits! :-)

roger said...

Crap, isn't it. Nice idea though. If only it worked.

But maybe it is a way of finding out about books you wouldn't otherwise know about? In which case, not all bad.

I'm thinking of developing a version of it where every book it suggests is this one. But that probably doesn't surprise anyone.

roger said...

Oh, forgot to say, Hi crimeficreader! Thanks for popping in.