Sunday, June 11, 2006

Miming suicide in Class 3.

On Friday, my eight-year-old daughter Claire took a copy of my book into school to show to her classmates. Naturally I was interested to know how it went.

'So, Claire. You took my book in. Did you show it? How did it go?'


'So what did you do? You just showed everyone the book?'

'I read the blurb.'

'You read the blurb? Really?'

(Here's the blurb in question, if you're wondering: It's Rob's first day in his new job. On the way into work, he sees a student throw herself under a tube train. Acting on an impulse, he picks up a file she dropped as she jumped. Over the next few days, he's witness to other disturbing events, some more serious than others. From each one he takes a 'souvenir'. As his behaviour becomes increasingly obsessive, he crosses the line between witnessing disasters and seeking them out, and events begin to spiral out of control.)

'Uh, okay... And how did that go down?' I asked nervously.

'The boys loved it. They started doing this.' Claire executed a quick star jump and gave a silent scream.

'You mean they were pretending to...?'

'Throw themselves in front of the train. They thought it was really cool.'

'And what did your teacher say?'

'Thank you Claire, you can sit down now.'

Yes, I bet she did. Through clenched teeth, no doubt.

I only hope I haven't started a new playground craze.


Richard Cooper said...

Kids do the darn'dest things!

Roger Morris said...

Don't they just!