Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Friends of Highgate Library.

I'll doing one of those talk/reading/mumbling-type things at Highgate Library on Thursday, at the invitation of The Friends of Highgate Library. Maybe it's just me, but I find the idea of a society called 'The Friends of Highgate Library' incredibly touching. I imagine the members calling Highgate Library up and saying, 'What are you doing this weekend? We're having a bit of a barbecue. It'd be great if you could come. Just bring a packet of sausages or whatever you want to eat.' And the other friends of Highgate Library, when invited to the same barbecue, would say, 'Is Highgate Library coming? Great! I haven't seen old Highgatey for ages. What's he been up to?' 'Well, come along and you can ask him yourself.'

Maybe they would even indulge in a bit of match making and invite another building along. Of course, being the only buildings there, they might feel a bit self-conscious.

Anyhow, I'm glad I've got all that out of my system before Thursday so I won't feel tempted to make any stupid jokes to an actual Friend of Highgate Library. And being in the library, I wouldn't want to hurt the library's feelings.

I'll be talking, mostly, about this book, which starts at Highgate Tube Station. Hmmm, I wonder if Highgate Tube Station knows Highgate Library. They might even be friends.


Steve Kane said...

I fiond the term "The Friends of [insert institution of choice here]" a strange moniker for any society.

What, do the Friends Of Highgate Library take it out to lunch? Go with it to the theatre? Babysit its bicycle rack when it goes on holiday? Send it birthday cards?

Still, at least they are not called the Lovers Of Highgate Library - that doesn't bear thinking about.

roger said...

I expect those really ugly buildings that everyone wants to demolish have no friends at all. They probably have the piss taken out of them by other buildings. They probably get called 'Billy No Mates'. Buildings can be very cruel.