Wednesday, May 17, 2006

What it's all about.

Here's a review posted on the writers' website, Writewords.

The comment at the end, by another reader, absolutely blew me away. As a writer, I can't ask for more than this.


Dr Ian Hocking said...

Well done, Roger. I thought of the main character just this morning when I blogged my salivatory reaction to the new Macbook...nice if you literary creations stay in the mind, I think.

Roger Morris said...

Thanks Ian. I can understand the allure of macs, though I use a PC at home (iMac at work). A while back, I went into the Apple store on Regent's Street in London to buy an ipod. It was like a Cathedral. In fact, I became addicted to going there. I had to buy my wife an ipod too - I'm not sure she wanted one that much, but I had to buy it for her. You know, I think I may have to go back there soon, to buy a holder for my ipod or something. There must be something I can buy there.

MR MIKEY said...

Brilliant, Roger. It's wonderful to see all the positive reviews you're getting - such a vindication for Mike and the MNW team, as well as great for you. Will has lined me up a launch event at Golsboro books in the first week of Sept. I hope you'll come.

Roger Morris said...

Hi Lucy. Yes, it's been fantastic to discover these reviews in various places on the web. The responses I've had from readers (real readers, rather than journalists with an axe to grind) has been incredible.

So you're doing a Goldsboro gig too! That's brilliant. The guys there are great - and very supportive of MNW. I will try to make it.