Tuesday, May 09, 2006

In praise of frozen peas.

On the advice of my osteopath Norman, I've been lying on the floor three times a day for ten minutes, holding a packet of frozen peas to my back. It's worked wonders. I can now get my socks on without shooting pains going all the way up my spine or help from Rachel or one of the kids.

However, this is not a personal blog. This is a plog, the sole purpose of which is to encourage you to buy a copy of my book. So what have the healing effects of frozen peas got to do with that?

Well, it's long been my view that the best writing is borne out of pain. However, in this case, I think the pain was borne out of the writing. Too much sitting in a cheap Ikea office chair at a badly configured work station. (I should have gone for the highly adjustable Unifor i Satelliti S200 which Rob Saunders is fortunate enough to have as his desk in the book.)

While we're on the subject of frozen peas, Joyce Maynard revealed in her memoir At Home In The World that J.D. Salinger used to have them for breakfast. How did I find that out? I googled frozen peas and J.D. Salinger, of course. Now if anyone does the same, they may find their way to this plog. Google trap number 3.


Lucy McCarraher said...

THe video clip on Amazon is cool - how does that happen? Do they ask you for it or do you tell them you've got one. Looks like it was recorded and a MNW do...?
So how have the readings been, especially the Northampton one with Cate? Did you seem to share a reading market?
Sorry so many questions but I'm fascinated to hear how it's all going for you first batch - and hoping to learn from you all.
Most of all, how's the book selling?
Hope your back's better soon - it's no fun having a bad back!
Lucy x

roger said...

Thanks Lucy. The video clip was recorded in Macmillan's Crinan St office. Camera operator was Will of MNW. I haven't done the reading with Cate yet. That's tomorrow night. I think Cate asked me because she thought our styles complement each other. We're very different but have similar concerns, I think. We both focus on detail, and have a thing about repetition. And I think humour is a common thread too. I shall report back how it goes.

Don't know anything really about sales so far. Think it's too early to tell for sure. I know my mum bought a copy.

My back's a lot better already, thanks to the miracle of frozen peas. Mind you, I'm not sure the treatment has done the peas any good!

thanks for looking in,