Saturday, May 20, 2006

I fell into a trap.

I'm reliably informed that Bob's Books is the most important literary website on the planet, (though which planet I'm not sure). Bob of Bob's Books had very kindly republished Rashbre's review of my book. In the comments below he had suggested "author-trapping" me by leading me to the review and asking me some questions which I wouldn't be able to resist answering, being a typically vain and egotistical author.

So that's what happened. They got me. In fact, it was a pleasure to answer their highly intelligent questions, and the result was THIS INTERVIEW.

It's a real privilege to be the first author interviewed on the most important literary website on the planet (if we all say it enough it will become true), though maybe the man trap suggested by Rashbre might have been fun too.

The whole prank is discussed in another blog called Hoses of the Holy. I like that name.


Minx said...

Just like to say after the review on Shameless I ordered your book. I did this as I have been teetering on the brink of sending off to MNW and I was keen to see, well, just see.
So far the book, though not my normal genre, is great. I love your innovative style, refreshing and alert!

roger said...

Thanx minx! So nice of you to pop in. I love it when people pop in and say good things like that. I hope you continue to enjoy it. And thank you for buying it!