Wednesday, April 26, 2006

First solo flight.

Tonight I'll be doing my first public solo reading (I've read on my own in private many times) at Hornsey Library in Crouch End (from 7pm-8.30pm if you're in the area).

I've got my lucky shirt on, as well as my lucky jacket, lucky trousers and lucky underpants.

Oh, the book I'll be reading from is this one.


Lucy McCarraher said...

Hi Roger,
How did the reading go? I'm going to a Society of Author's How to Give A Reading seminar in a couple of weeks, not having started on this business yet.
Thanks so much for the useful info - of course when you tell me I can see it for myself and could have not bothered you. It's not the technology, it's actually being able to find the info about how to use it, and then make sense of it. Anyway, there is now a link to your blog on my site. I won't try and put up the Amazon ad yet, as MNW have put my cover against someone elses book and nothing on mine. Anyway, I'm not available there yet.
Thanks again.
Lucy x

Kay Sexton said...

Well ... how did it go?

roger said...

Hi Lucy and Kay - it went well, I think. People turned up, some of them were even people I didn't know - i.e. members of the public. Everyone listened politely to me spouting on and reading from the book, then there were some very interesting questions which I did my best to answer. I think I suffered from the 'not-being-Neil-Gaiman' syndrome - i.e., there wasn't exactly a queue of Goths around the block, but I might have found that intimidating if there had been.

But I was pleased. The people who came seemed interested. Some of them even bought books. One of them was the leader of the Council. I suppose I ought to vote for him seeing as he bought my book!