Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Tricky thing, the alphabet.

I was sorting out my plog links this morning, as you do. I haven't got a clue how to use that nifty bit of trickery that adds links automatically, can't even remember what it's called. So all the links you see on the right have been painstakingly hand-glued by me and my team of cyber elves. The working conditions are not ideal. The process produces a lot of toxic fumes and we have to work in a confined 'link-box' - which is why I favour elves. They can move around the the cramped space with comparative ease. In fact, they seem to love it in there, the little blighters.

Anyhow, as I was conducting my link audit, I discovered something seriously amiss. I had given strict instructions that the links were to be added in alphabetical order, and unfortunately, my orders had not been followed to the letter. Things started to go wrong around the Ts, Us, Vs and Ws. For one thing, I found a rogue 'C' there - Jai Clare's The Cusp of Something. I won't bore you with the other anomalies. Suffice it to say that tiny heads have rolled.

Me being a writer, this kind of thing looks bad. A writer who doesn't know his alphabet doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

Thankfully, things have now been sorted out. I've even had the team add a new 'W' - Charlie Williams. Long overdue, let me tell you.

And whilst checking Dr Ian Hocking's link, listed as This Writing Life, I discovered that he's received his review copies of the first six MNW titles. Did I ever tell you what a great guy Ian is? Handsome, talented, generous - there just aren't enough adjectives to do him justice.


Dr Ian Hocking said...

Oi, Morris, where's my fruit basket?

roger said...

Have they not arrived yet? Bloody elves.

Debra Broughton said...

Ian must have my share. I haven't received any. Or perhaps the postman is held up by the weight of all those books on the back of his bike.

roger said...

I'm sure they're on their way Debra. Let me know if they don't turn up soon and I will check.

Dr Ian Hocking said...

Hi, Roger - could you email me, please?