Friday, March 03, 2006

Jai Clare interviewed.

Apart from the postcard, the hardest form of writing is without doubt the short story. That's a fact. Don't argue.

That's why I am always in awe of writers who can do it - and do it to a consistently high standard.

One such writer is Jai Clare. Jai has an impressive string of short fiction publications in some highly prestigious mags. I'm particularly envious of her success in getting into the London Magazine not just once, but a number of times. She just happens to be in the next issue.

Here are some of her credits: "Agni", "Storyville", "In
Posse Review", "Pindeldyboz", "QWF", "Barcelona Review", "Paumanok Review", "Literary Potpourri", "Gator Springs Gazette", "The Pedestal Magazine", "Three Lobed Burning Eye", "Smokelong Quarterly", "The London Magazine", "Night Train", "Winedark Sea",
"Odyssey", "Redsin",and "Absinthe Literary Review". She was a "Zoetrope All-Story Extra" guest editor for the December/January 2000/2001 issue. Her work has also featured in the anthology "Foreign Affairs: Erotic Travel Tales" and the "Nine Muses Anthology".

As if all this wasn't enough, Jai's novel, "The Storyhouse", was longlisted for the 2005 Yeovil Literary Prize.

Anyhow, Jai has been interviewed on a very interesting site called Read it here, now!


Optimistic_Reader said...

Hi Roger, found your site by way of writewords. Couldn't agree more that writing short stories is the hardest form of writing - I love reading them but can't write them. I've learned to accept I'm no prose writer!

roger said...

Welcome, optimistic reader. What a great tag! There was a thread on another writers' site (zoetrope) where someone wondered if writing short stories prepared you, or gave you the confidence, to write a novel. I thought you could just as easily switch that round and say that writing a novel gives you the confidence to write short stories.

Optimistic_Reader said...

Yes, I think you could easily swithc that round. I mostly write scripts, and find the short script really daunting but I've written a feature script and several 50-minute dramas so why am I so afraid of writing a 5-minute script?!