Monday, March 27, 2006

Another day in the life of a local author.

Had a good meeting this morning with Wendy and Bill from Hornsey Library. They are very keen for me to do a reading event there, and in fact we set the date. Tuesday 25th April, 7 – 8.30 pm. So if you’re in Crouch End that night, you know where to head.

The good thing is that they do a lot of work publicising the event, with posters and flyers in the library, as well as in local shops. They also put something in all the local papers and – get this - they invite all the local councillors. There’s not much time to get the publicity in place, but we should just about be able to do it.

Back home for a photo-shoot with the fastest photographer in the business, Mark from the Ham & High (or the Hampstead and Highgate Gazette for those of you from outside North London). I’m going to be interviewed by one of their journalists on Friday after he has had a chance to read the book. Must remember to mention my reading at the library. Wendy was very insistent about that and I promised her that I wouldn’t forget. What’s the betting I forget?

Anyhow, there was no messing about with Mark. Stand there. Hold your book. Bit higher. Look at the camera. Great.

He did actually take it a couple of different ways, inside the house and outside on the decking. He’s obviously a pro so I’m sure he got something they can use. It’s just, I think I might have forgotten to smile. Or rather, I think I may have attempted a smile, but I can’t be sure what it came out like. Probably a cross between a condemned man and a startled rabbit. I can do that look rather well.

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