Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The story behind the books.

My publisher, Mike Barnard, of Macmillan New Writing has written a book. Actually, I believe he’s written a number of books, but this latest one is all about Macmillan New Writing. It’s called ‘Transparent Imprint’. Subtitle: ‘How a publisher’s decision to tell the truth to authors stirred up a storm’.

Here’s a bit from the blurb:

But what was the real genesis of the imprint? How was the decision made to devote a list exclusively to first-time novelists? What were the terms and conditions offered to authors? How were they treated? How were the books chosen? How were they produced cost-effectively? Who are the authors? What are the books?

Yes, there’s a bit about me in it, which Mike was kind enough to send me to have a look at. A strange experience reading about yourself in a book. You can’t quite convince yourself that it is you who’s being referred to. Especially when I discovered that Mike had read my manuscript through in one sitting. I remember him saying that he had had a slipped disc while he was assessing a lot of the submissions, so he had probably read it lying on his back on the floor. There's dedication for you.

The proceeds will be going to charity.

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