Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wooden cooking utensils, revisited.

Okay, I’m obsessed with my sitemeter. It was bound to happen. I have that kind of personality. And like most addicts, I want to drag others down with me. So go on. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the little green sitemeter icon at the bottom.

Don’t say you don’t want to. You know you want to. Don’t say you’re afraid. What is there to be afraid of? It’s okay. I’m here. I’ll make sure nothing bad happens to you. What could happen? You’ll love it. There’s nothing like it.

It will open your eyes and blow your mind. You will discover, for instance, that someone came to my blog after googling ‘wooden cooking utensils’.

To that person, whoever you are, I can only offer a belated apology. I’m sure this site was not quite what you were looking for. I hope that in the 0 seconds you were here, your life was enriched, even if not in the way you expected.

I’m afraid this is not a site about culinary implements. But if you are interested in kitchen knives, I know just the book for you.


Tribeless said...

I've never had a good look at at a site meter before. You're right, I could spend many an hour there :)

Although when I was on it, my visit hadn't registered yet?

Cheers Mark Hubbard

roger said...

Hi, Mark. Thanks for popping in. The sitemeter is a bit erratic - it doesn't even appear when I view my blog on a pc, though it is visible via mac, so go figure. I don't know why your visit didn't show. Maybe it's there now. Who's your ISP?

See you on zoey,


Tom Saunders said...

No potato ricers, then?

Debra Broughton said...

I think you are being unnecessarily cruel, giving false hope to people in search of wooden cooking utensils by using uch a misleading name on your blog post.

I hope you realise your blog is now the #1 blog for wooden cooking utensils on google's blog search.

Now zillions of desperate cooks will visit your blog, and their only hope is to leave with a taste for literature.

roger said...

Tom, no potato ricers, but there is a riff on IKEA draining racks.

Debra - yes, I do feel bad about the misled cook, but, hey, at least I'm number one in something! By the way, my friend who's designing the RANAM logo showed be a rough of it yesterday and I like it a lot. He's just got a little bit of tweaking to do and then we're there!


Clifford Garstang said...

Site meter seems very big brother, and up to now I've avoided even using a counter, but looking at your stats was fascinating . . . so I've just added a site meter to my blog. Can't wait to obsess about it.

roger said...

Clifford - yes, there is that big brother aspect, but I hope to get round that by making my sitemeter available to everyone to look at, plus you can't really tell that much about who has been on. It's fairly meaningless, really, but nonetheless fascinating. I know that I get visitors from the UK, US, Germany and Holland, plus occasional visitors from elsewhere. That's about it.

Thanks for your support for RANAM, by the way.