Friday, January 20, 2006

My heart was pounding as soon as I saw the label.

‘What is it?’ demanded Rachel at my shoulder. The postman’s 7.30 hammering had brought her down from the shower.

I ripped open the cardboard without answering. I couldn’t speak.

‘Have you been ordering books again?’

These were books, but I hadn’t ordered them.

‘Advance copies,’ I mumbled. I tried to make my voice more assertive: ‘My advance copies.’

They have arrived. By special delivery, after being air-freighted to the publisher. One hardback, one paperback. (The paperback is for the Irish market, apparently, and for airport bookshops.)

They are both beautiful.

They have spot varnishing on the cover. Think of that. Spot varnishing. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would ever write a book that would have spot varnishing on the cover. Yes, I fantasised about winning the Booker. Even sketched out an acceptance speech. But spot varnishing? I would not have dared.

By one of those bizarre coincidences, today is the anniversary of my Dad’s birthday. I really wish I could have shown him these beauties. He would have been proud.


Dr Ian Hocking said...

Congratulations, Roger. It's a great feeling with the bugger finally arrives.

There was a limited edition hardback of my own novel, but reluctantly I gave the cardboard inserts to my gerbils this morning. They were looking bored and needed something to chew on.


Tom Saunders said...

Must feel great, Roger. All the very best with it.

roger said...

Thanks Ian, thanks Tom.

Ian - I hope your gerbils didn't get indigestion! (Only joking.)

Debra Broughton said...

Congratulations, Roger. Though I've got quite a way down the novel publishing road (a cul de sac in my case), I never got anywhere near spot varnishing - or even get to know what it is.

It must feel amazing to have the book in your hand. Savour that moment.

Could I get a spot varnish for my blog, do you think?

roger said...

Hi Debra - well, I think it's called spot varnishing, or maybe it's spot laminating? It's when an area of the cover is shiny because they put a gloss varnish on it in the printing process. I think it would work really well on your blog, though I don't know what the html code is to make it happen.

Cheers, Roger.

Myfanwy Collins said...

How absolutely THRILLING. I'm so happy for you, Roger.

roger said...

Thanks, Myfanwy.