Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A work in progress.

I’ve got a confession. That thing you see below, which we may laughingly, and temporarily, refer to as ‘The RANAM logo’, was banged out by me using Microsoft Word and a Pritt Stick. Not exactly the most sophisticated design tools. And not exactly the most sophisticated designer.

But don’t worry, I’m getting a professional to look at it. My mate Clive, a highly talented and experienced art director, has generously offered to develop my crude inkings into a contemporary graphic icon.

I’ve also had a wonderful offer of help from Debra Broughton, who’s got loads of great ideas about how to make Read A New Author Month a reality.

It’s scary, but this thing might just take off. Especially if we can find enough people who are willing to take a chance on a book by a new author.

Any volunteers?


Dr Ian Hocking said...

Hi Roger

RANAM sounds like a great idea, and I for one will be buying the odd book by a first time author. Perhaps you can put a list on your blog of debut novels, just to get the ball rolling?


roger said...

That's a great idea, Ian. I may get round to it in the New Year, when I intend to start contacting publishers in earnest. In the meantime, there's always Deja Vu by Ian Hocking. And I found this interesting article from the Observer - http://observer.guardian.co.uk/review/story/0,,1426065,00.html